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Huntington, New York, USA. August 1, 2015. L-R, HOLLY GORDON, GEORGE CARRANO and LOIS YOUMANS are talking at the Reception for Project Lives exhibition at fotofoto gallery. Over 200 residents throughout 15 New York Public Housing projects were given single use film cameras to photograph what's important to them in their world. The photography project was originated by Carrano and the book Project Lives was edited by Carrano, C. Davis and J. Fisher, with all royalties from its sale to be donated to resident programs at NYC Housing Authority. Gordon is a member and Youmans is the President of the gallery, on the Gold Coast of Long Island. The photos are: three young girl friends by Angelly Sureo, snow scene by Susana Ortiz, and girl with chalk drawings on porch floor by Sheik Bacchus.