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Old Westbury, New York, U.S. - June 21, 2014 - When 15-month-old toddler JASMINE DELGADO. wearing blue fairy wings, fell, help came - her sister JULIA DELGADO in peach dress; 4 1/2 year old triplets: ARIELLE KIRCHHOFER in orange dress, CRISTINA KIRCHHOFER in pink dress, BRIANNA KIRCHHOFER in purple dress; and PRISCILA BLANCHET, 4 years old, in green fairy costume. The six girls, best friends from Bayside, Queens, came with their families to see the Lori Belilove & The Isadora Duncan Dance Company dance throughout the gardens during the Midsummer Night event at the Long Island Gold Coast estate of Old Westbury Gardens on the first day of summer, the summer solstice.