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2017 Bellmore Friday Night Car Shows

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Bellmore, New York, USA. 11th August 2017. Hundreds of classic and custom cars are on display at Bellmore Friday Night Car Show, in the parking lot of the LIRR Bellmore station. This traditional Long Island event is hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of the Bellmores. MIKE RADOMSKI, of Valley Stream, owner of Wunderbug Woody Volkswagon, he made angel hood ornament from 3 silver forks, 10 penny nail, and a washer. ---- FRANK MARTOCCI, of Bellmore, BUGSBY cap, Bugmobile, owner of green Oldsmobile, 1958, Super 88 4-door sedan, his first and only car and he took his drivers test with it, owned for 40 years by next month --- JERRY YOREK, 1966 blue Buick Skylark, 2-door sedan, retired